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We would ask that you please consider the following when preparing for your refinishing or installation appointment. It is important that you read and understand the information shown below completely prior to your refinishing or new installation appointment. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.
Please remove all furniture and carpeting from the rooms to be sanded so we can go to work as soon as we arrive. Please keep in mind that our expertise is in flooring. If Century Floors is to remove old flooring, any debris over 400 sq. ft. will require the customer to provide a dumpster for debris disposal.
All areas in which Century Floors will be working are also to be cleared of any valuable items such as wall hangings, mirrors, etc. The equipment used does create vibrations and Century Floors will NOT be responsible for any broken or damaged items.
Our sanding machinery is equipped with filters and bags to collect sawdust. A light film may escape. We suggest that you remove draperies and empty contents of closets. We will hang plastic where applicable to keep dust from spreading to other rooms and reduce your cleaning time after the job is complete. When weather permits, we will employ an exhaust fan in a window.
For the protection of the customer Century Floors hangs plastic, with tape, to help reduce dust. Century Floors uses the best tape available on the market. We are as careful as possible when removing this special non adhesive tape. It has, in the past, removed small bits of wallpaper and paint. Century Floors will NOT be responsible for repairs to these areas. Therefore the use of plastic will be at the discretion of the customer.
Please be sure to make arrangements for our arrival prior to your job start date. It is a common practice for our customers to give us a key or hide one for our use. We can call you at work to let you know our arrival time so you can meet us there also. Please call our office to make these arrangements.
Our schedules are completed each morning between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., and this depends on what jobs were finished the day prior. If you'd like approximate schedule information, please call the office the morning of your scheduled day.
We will need access to your circuit breakers/fuse box, because our machinery uses 220 voltage. Please let us know where your box is located. A clear path is greatly appreciated.
Stains and polyurethane emit an odor. If you choose to air out your home, please contact us for correct procedure. A breeze may cause dust, dirt or hair to land in the finish. Pregnant women should check with their physicians regarding these odors.
Drying times of the stain and polyurethane are greatly affected by your home conditions and the weather. Humidity increases the length of drying time. DO NOT WALK ON YOUR FLOOR UNTIL IT IS ABSOLUTELY DRY. Polyurethane needs exposure to air in order to harden and cure. You may replace furniture in 48 hours, and area rugs in about 2 weeks.
If you have chosen to pickle your floor with a white stain or designer color, please discuss this process in detail. Please use care in choosing your color, for once applied, it is costly to change your mind.
If your home is equipped with a security system, we must be alerted to this, as well as where the wires are located. In the installation process, at times we need to cut into the door casing. This is typically where the wires are hidden. If the homeowner does not indicate this to us, we will not be responsible for damage to the system.
Toilet removal and reinstallation as well as freezer water line removal and reinstallation should be handled by an experienced plumber. If you have Century employees do these procedures, there is a charge and the outcome of this work is not guaranteed.
At times it is necessary to remove and reinstall baseboard. There is a charge for this procedure. Also, shoe molding may need to be removed and replaced so that we can match the customer's new chosen stain color. There will be a charge for this also.
14.) We frequently refinish 5/16" x 2" top nailed floors. If in the sanding process nail heads are exposed and it is necessary to fill these holes, there is a labor charge to set and fill these numerous holes.
15.) Do not be alarmed if overnight the stain dries considerably lighter than expected; this is a natural occurrence. Once the floor is coated, the original stain color will reappear.
16.) For all our kitchen customers, Century Floors recommends you contact us after the 3rd or 4th year so that we can screen and apply a protective coat of polyurethane on the kitchen floor. There is a moderate charge for this procedure. This will ensure the longevity of your kitchen floor.
17.) The majority of Century Floors customers go with a satin finish which is a low sheen. If you desire a higher sheen, a shinier finish, this MUST be discussed before polyurethane coats are applied.