Why Use Hardwoods?
Click on the link for some very convincing reasons why.
Floorcare & Maintenance
Keep your hardwood floors in top condition with these tips.
What To Expect
What to expect before, during & after your hardwood installation.
Important Considerations
Steps to take in preparing for your hardwood refinishing.
Just The Facts
Helpful tips and facts to educate you about hardwood flooring.
The History of Hardwoods
An explanation of hardwood use throughout history.
Hardwood Species
Images of popular hardwood floor species.
The Character of Wood
Some defining characteristics that set hardwood apart.
Grades of Hardwood
A different grade for any floor application: home or business.
Making The Decision
Key factors to account for in your decision to have a wood floor.
Conservation Information
Information on preserving our hardwoods for the future.
Below is a hardness comparison between several common species of domestic and foreign hardwoods. All data is provided by the U.S. Forestry Lab, per the official Janka Hardness system. Janka Hardness represents the pounds of pressure required to embed a 0.444" diameter steel ball on half of its diameter into the wood.