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Hardwood Refinishing:
This information is to help you understand the refinishing process and prepare for the work to be done. UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, the process will be as follows:
THE FIRST DAY - Floors will be sanded, then stained to your choice of stain color or naturally sealed which constitutes your first of three coats. A member of the sanding crew will apply stains directly on your floor so you may choose the color. This way you are selecting a color on your wood floor, in your home lighting to coordinate with the other furnishings in your home. Please consider your choice of stain color prior to our arrival. Try to narrow your choices to about 3 colors to make your decision easier. When NECESSARY, you may walk on the floor in stocking feet in approximately 6 hours. Use caution not to drop any solids or liquids on the newly sanded floor. Keep all pets off these freshly coated floors.  
THE SECOND DAY - Our finish crew will apply the first coat of finish, usually a satin polyurethane on your floor. Please consider and discuss your choice of finish polyurethane with the office or the sanding crew. DO NOT WALK ON THE POLYURETHANED FLOOR. If absolutely necessary, you may do so in stocking feet, once it is dry, not tacky, which usually takes about 6-8 hours. Roughness, small bubbles, and uneven coloring between coats of finish is not unusual. These will even out after the final coat and your floor will be beautiful.
THE THIRD DAY - Our finish crew will apply the second coat of polyurethane. The same rules apply as the first coat . . . let the floor dry about 6-8 hours before walking on it.
THE FOURTH DAY - The third coat of polyurethane is applied after burnishing and carefully vacuuming the floor. BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL WITH THIS FINAL COAT. Again, DO NOT WALK ON THE FLOOR UNLESS NECESSARY. Do so in stocking feet, only when dry, not tacky, approximately 6-8 hours.
The number of total job days may be more than 4 for larger jobs. The amount of time between polyurethane coats is usually 24-30 hours.
Steps to take in preparing for you hardwood refinishing.
An explanation of the Century hardwood installation process.